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Next  Generation Firewall


Firewalling with hardware or software firewall. It is a firewall that meets IPS, URL filtering, application control, antivirus, anti bot, anti spam, unknown malware security requirements as a single solution.

The Next Generation Firewall can control packet content, source-destination and user behavior without compromising performance. The most significant and most important difference between the Next Generation Security Wall and traditional architecture is that it has an architecture that can recognize the applications that make up the traffic.


This provides for the separation of applications and the establishment of institutional policies based on business rules. The ability to inspect data packets in a very detailed way eliminates the need to check data packets in a second form, which is recovered in performance and cost.


New Generation Firewall: NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) provides the following features.


The firewall;

 IPSec VPN Termination System

 SSL VPN Termination System

 Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS / IPS)

 Application Recognition and Control System

 Virus / Harmful Content Control

 URL Category

 Content Filtering

 Bandwidth management.

The NGFW offers the functions of multiple devices in a conventional box in a single box.

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