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E-mail and Web Security Solutions


This solution, which can be physically or virtually positioned, scan e-mails, detect and delete harmful e-mails, or take them to quarantine to prevent entry-exit.

With Web security "URL Filtering" solutions, it is possible to examine, report and / or block the entries of the sites which are determined by the administrators of the internet users. This solution is intended to prevent general-purpose, spam or virus software from damaging systems with e-mail or web access. The presence of many sites and the content of these sites are changed many times a day, and the codes of malicious software are constantly changing.


With the use of advanced web security solution products that allow organizations to take rapid action against these threats, it becomes possible to block sites that they do not want.

Perform web browsing without taking web filtering precautions;

Browser vulnerabilities, access to malicious content, loss of work and time, criminal activity due to access to content prohibited by law, and many other threats.

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