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Endpoint and Log Solutions

The access logs of wired and wireless environments, the logging of active devices and logs of all platforms that generate logs and the correlation of these logs.

  • Real-time and historical visibility shortens the time it takes to identify, control, and repair attacks.

  • With rapid threat prioritization, it takes action against threats within minutes.

  • Thanks to advanced analysis and data enrichment, a large number of raw data falls into a precise and active dashboard.

  • Faster to decide and action cycles increase productivity, automation and business efficiency.

  • Highly scalable hardware transforms them into prioritized and mobilizable intelligence, enabling large volumes of data to be accumulated in a variety of security and infrastructure assets.

  • Intelligence integration

  • Application tracking

  • Examining SQL Properties

  • Advanced correlation

  • None-normalities detected

  • View logs of active devices, software, and all systems that generate logs from a single screen

  • You can filter logs by their sources, by categories and time ranges

  • All incoming logs can be marked with a timestamp 5651

  • Can be verified by SMS in hotspot structure which is authentication feature

 Can be verified by SMS in hotspot structure which is authentication feature.


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