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Advanced Security Systems

Not every device or technology alone means much. It is important for us to integrate security solutions with each other and take automated action to ensure that the network can be safely managed with less labor, less operational cost.

An example is a standalone IPS solution. We positioned this product; Are we able to follow the reports regularly?

According to the report results, will we be able to get our actions fast?

Will we be able to produce a solution as soon as an undesired situation occurs?

Is there anything we can do before the unwanted situation does?

An institutional security policy is necessary to prevent the occurrence of unwanted situations.

As examples of security policy; What? For what? When? How? Where? Who? 5N 1K Questions

Our aim; Reducing the effects even if we encounter such unwanted situations. Even though we have solutions to a large number of new technological products, raising awareness of our internal users, the ultimate in extreme safety, must be the primary necessity of our security policies.

  1. Unintentional opening of an unsolicited mail by a user

  2. Incorporating your own insecure device into the internal network

  3. Plug in hubs instead of your own internal network cable / Replace AccessPoint / etc.


Briefly, after get the Goal and knowing it, it would be healthier to take all the precautions we can get before  the Goal.


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