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NETSEC Team Looking for Colleagues…


Network and Security Products / Solutions / Services.


Ideal candidate

  • Graduated from relevant faculties of universities

  • Experienced in selling Network and Security products / services

  • Has professional communication skills

  • Strong analytical ability

  • Attention to detail

  • Quick changeable

  • Problem solving skills

  • Having Negotiation Skills

  • Results-oriented and entrepreneurial

  • With coordination skills

  • Good command of English

Job, responsibilities

  • Finding the right needs and correct solutions by visiting customers

  • Establish good relationships and close contacts with manufacturers, distributors and other business partners

  • Presenting products / services to the right customers / presenting / introducing

  • Current / Developing new business opportunities by closely following the related issues and sector in the agenda and endeavoring to develop new products and services

  • Reaching company sales targets

  • To provide customer satisfaction


To join the team :

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