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How does it work

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Collects and analyzes data from the open internet.

Deep Web Intelligence: Monitors threats and dangerous actors on the dark web.

Social Media Intelligence: Follows dangerous content and trends on social media platforms.

Cyber ​​Threat Hunting: Analyzes unknown threat indicators (IOCs) to proactively detect potential threats.

Incident Response: Provides quick and effective intervention when cyber attacks occur.

​With Catchprobe;

Proactively detecting cyber threats and risks: The platform helps detect cyber attacks before they occur.

Faster response to cyber attacks: The platform allows you to respond faster and more effectively to cyber attacks.

Improving your cybersecurity posture: The platform helps you improve your cybersecurity posture and reduce your cyber risks.

Increase cybersecurity awareness: The platform helps increase cybersecurity awareness and educate your employees against cyber threats.

Proactive protection against cyber attacks: The platform helps detect and prevent attacks before they happen.

Comprehensive view of cyber threats: The platform provides a more comprehensive view of cyber threats by collecting data from various sources.

Fast and automatic response: The platform automatically responds to detected threats, reducing response time.

Increasing cybersecurity awareness: The platform helps organizations be more aware of cybersecurity risks.

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