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Netsec offers a comprehensive range of wired and wireless networking solutions for businesses of all sizes. These solutions meet a variety of needs including security, scalability and performance





NOC-Network Operation Center


Stealth Manage Engine -Solarwins


Cisco Intersight Prime





Reasons to Choose Netsec Wired and Wireless Network Solutions:

Security: With its solutions, Netsec offers advanced security features that can help protect your network against cyber threats.

Scalability: The solutions offered by Netsec are designed to scale as your business grows.

Performance: Netsec solutions offer high performance and low latency.

Reliability: With the solutions it offers, Netsec offers a high level of reliability for networks where you need to work 24/7.

Simple setup and management: While traditional networking equipment may require complex setup and management, Cisco Meraki devices often take a plug-and-play approach. This way, IT expertise is not required to set up and manage your network.

Centralized management: If you have multiple branches or locations, you can manage your entire network from one place. This makes it easy to get an overview of your network and quickly resolve problems.

Automatic updates: Cisco Meraki devices automatically receive security updates and new features. This ensures that your network is always protected with the latest security patches.

SD-WAN technology: Cisco Meraki supports SD-WAN technology, which provides higher bandwidth and reliability by combining different internet connection lines. This feature is especially useful for organizations with remote branches.

Benefits of SD-WAN:

Increased Application Performance: SD-WAN significantly improves application performance by optimizing traffic based on the type of applications and the bandwidth they require. In this way, the latency and packet loss of critical applications such as access to cloud-based applications and VoIP are reduced.

Simplified Network Management: SD-WAN simplifies network management by offering more centralized and automated management compared to traditional WANs. In this way, IT teams can reduce network complexity and achieve greater efficiency.

Lower Costs: SD-WAN can help lower network costs by reducing the need for expensive dedicated lines like MPLS. It can also effectively use more affordable connections, such as internet connections.

Increased Security: SD-WAN includes advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption and application-based firewall. In this way, companies can better protect their networks and data against cyber threats.

Increased Flexibility: SD-WAN supports a variety of network topologies, including hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. In this way, companies can more easily adapt to changing business needs.

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