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Information Security

The purpose of information security Information takes many forms. It can be stored on computers, transmitted across networks, printed out or written down on paper, and spoken in conversations. In an academic context, information is a crucial asset. Regardless of its form and content, information has value.


This value is maintained by its:

• confidentiality: it is accessible to the right people

• integrity: it has not been tampered with or damaged

• availability: it is there when needed.


Information security is intended to protect information to an appropriate extent by maintaining the level of risk to the organisation at an acceptable level. Effective information security management enables information to be used and shared while protecting its value. In this way, an organisation can maintain efficient operations, achieve legal compliance and maintain its reputation.

Each organisation will have its own attitude to information risk, and should take this into account when deciding what controls to implement. All members of an organisation are responsible for contributing to its management of information security: their actions, or inaction, can protect or expose information to risk.

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