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Network Access Systems

Secure and controlled access to the corporate network has become very important in organizations with an expanding, growing network.


With network access systems;

  • You can follow and report access attempts to the network. (Day, Hour, Minute, IP Address, MAC Address, User Name, Device info, etc.)

  • You can control your unmanaged devices,

  • You can manage your network with less work and less operational costs.

  • You Can Prevent Layer 2 Attacks;

Mac Spoofing, Mac Flooding, Arp poisoning, Man in the middle.

  • Different Authentication Methods;

802.1x, Mac Authentication Bypass, Web Authentication

  • Authorization;

Access Permissions and Authorizations of authenticated users / devices (VLAN, ACL and Bandwidth definitions etc.)

  • Registration;

Registration of Authenticated and Authorized Users and Devices (IP, MAC, User name , Location etc.)

  • Construction of Improvements Needed When requested ;

Upgrade, update, clean up and improve version.

  • Reduction of Operational Costs;

Through one screen; Authentication rules can be written.

  • AD, LDAPAnd integration of other authentication methods,

Automatic profileing, access to all access attempts records (Helpdesk), Profile tracking, device registration control and automation.

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